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The Living Archive Project

Inspired by the clubs closing during COVID we began to host a series of live DJ sets - broadcast thru Zoom so that the DJs can see you's getting down…

Each session features a guest DJ chosen for their mastery, passion and impact on the dance music scene, playing from wherever they are on the planet.

In addition to the broadcast, we interview each DJ about their roots and local scenes. These interviews are forming the basis of the forthcoming ‘Living Archive Project’ – a musical treasure trove of cultural histories from across the global dance music scene.

As time marches on, the Archive has become the main focus of the project, expanding to include the stories of other key players within the scene such as promoters, dancers and lighting and sound engineers…

The aim is to share untold stories with the world, support this global network of night cultures and give recognition to their rich histories as told by some of the key players in each scene. The importance of sharing and archiving these untold stories has been highlighted by the dual threat of Covid-19 and the lack of support for our industry by governments around the world.

The streams are still happening every other Saturday and open to all those that like to get down… Enter the Zoom room wherever you may be and dance it off or just chill and enjoy the sounds. ​

Subscribe to our list and we’ll send you the info.

Pls remember to be COVID safe if you’re getting together with friends.

Saturday 28th November

This Saturday we will have the treat of experiencing a musical host who has been an integral part of David Mancuso's seminal Loft party, the longest running underground party in New York City that formally began on Valentine's Day, 1970. Douglas will bring us the full weight of his decades of experience in evoking atmosphere through music with his musical selections.


In 1979, while studying graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Douglas was invited to 99 Prince Street, the private home of David Mancuso’s seminal Loft party, an inclusive home-like environment where everyone was welcome irrespective of their identity. This experience profoundly changed his view of how music can unite people from different backgrounds, generations, and places as participants in an emotional celebration of dance and love.


He became a regular at the Loft parties and his interest became noticed by David when he showed up early and offered to lend a hand with set up. Douglas listened and learned Mancuso’s concepts and principles around social progress, music, audio, and the ephemeral life of a party. His relationship with David lasted over 36 years and he is the Loft’s longest serving back-up musical host. Douglas continues to be an integral part of keeping the Loft’s legacy and its core principles alive, celebrating its milestone 50th ‘Love Saves the Day’ anniversary party Valentine’s Day weekend 2020.


Douglas has gained a deep respect and appreciation for music and the importance of sound, to hear and experience records in the way that the artist intended without any manipulation, emphasising thematic development over beat matching. In that spirit, he created his vinyl music series, “Adventures In Flight” that serves in part as a conduit for the collective vibration of music to reach the listener’s ear and liberate the soul to dance, creating an atmosphere where every record stands on its own and the music plays us.


Playing through zoom for the very first time... this is a chance to experience the music, played as it was intended and transcending physical space.   



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