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Orlando Voorn, Everyday Desires EP

Legendary techno and deep house producer, Orlando Voorn launches the new Super Culture label with ‘Everyday Desires’, a raw slice of high end deepness with remixes from Fabric’s legendary in-house DJ & Producer, Terry Francis and Super Culture's Will B.

Santonio Echols, The Detroit EP

A deep dancefloor EP from revered Detroit pioneer Santonio Echols. Best known for his partnership Reese & Santonio that helped lay the foundations of techno and house in ‘87-’89 with timeless releases like ‘The Sound / This Is How To Play Our Music’ and ‘Bounce Your Body to the Box’. On remix duties is label head, Will B.

Dangerous Tribe EP inc Shannon Harris Remixes

In-house collective, Dangerous Tribe's eponymous debut oozes class with their fusion style, somewhere between house, neo-soul, dub and jungle. Remixes come from Chicago native Shannon Harris, who's previous sought after releases appear on Neroli, Tribal Winds & Urbanicity.

CB SYSTEMS - High Priestess / This Is How We Do It

Super Culture is proud to present the debut release from Kenny C aka Party Crashers and Will B (Super Culture, Latenite Productions). These guys have been a part of the London and global scene since the early 90s. Treading that fine line between techno & house with loads of soul & funk.

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